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新太阳城手机app下载地址        Jilin Yafeng Chemical Co. Ltd. , located in Jilin Economic and Technological Development Zone, nearthe beautiful Songhua river, is a company which has a strong technology research team, and has developed into a integrated enterprise, with the research and development as well as production capacity of good oil additives and rubber antioxidant , and good sales channels.The company insists that the technological progress and good quality is the fundamentality of the enterprise survival, and has formed a production and research cooperation ties with a number of research institutions, passed the CCCI quality certification, in line with the ISO9001 quality system standard.

新太阳城手机app下载地址      Jilin Economic and Technological Development Zone is a national economic and technological development zone, which has strong resources of scientific and technological research and development as well as perfect chemical industry system. During the long-term development, the company attaches importance to the integrity of business, committed cooperation, and the product quality. The company puts scientific and technological innovation above. In recent years, the development and production of no ash free phosphorus environmentally friendly anti-wear and anti-friction agent, free sulfur and free phosphorus environmental organic molybdenum, non sulfur and free phosphorus environmentally friendly water soluble extreme pressure agent, asphalt viscosity reducer, pour point depressant for crude oil and other new products ,has become popular among the customers, for the high technology content and wide range of applications of the products.




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